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Destination Wedding | Escape With Us Vacations

why say ‘yes’ to a destination wedding?

Palm Tree  | Escape With Us VacationsDestination weddings maximize value and often cost less than local events.

Many resorts offer extensive lists of perks and freebies that allow you to make the most of your budget. In many cases this includes the ceremony and reception location at no extra cost, bouquets and boutonnieres, wedding cakes, champagne toasts, honeymoon suite upgrades, breakfast-in-bed, and more. This is certainly not the case with local events!

Destination Wedding | Escape With Us Vacations

Palm Tree  | Escape With Us VacationsRather than spending days (and months!) running around and preparing, destination weddings allow the couple to simply relax and enjoy.

Hosting your event at a distant location allows you to kick off your celebration days before your wedding day even arrives. This eliminates the rushed feeling many couples describe about their wedding day just ‘flying by.’ A destination wedding allows more opportunities to enjoy your fiancé, the wedding location and family & friends before and after your event.

Destination Wedding | Escape With Us Vacations

Palm Tree  | Escape With Us VacationsPlanning a destination wedding can be as involved and detailed as you’d like it to be.

With a traditional local wedding, there is so much to do… Tracking and submitting payments to vendors, picking up and returning rentals, coordinating transportation for guests and hotel room blocks, etc. (we’re tired just thinking about it!). A destination wedding can truly eliminate all of the hustle and bustle. The hectic aspect of planning, preparation and clean-up is completely eliminated from the process which allows you the time and energy to focus on the aspects you are passionate about!

Destination Wedding | Escape With Us Vacations

Destination Wedding | Escape With Us Vacations

How We Can Help

With our services, you will have help from the start of the planning process through the return of your trip (as will all of your guests!). We start out by listening to your wants, needs and preferences in order to create the perfect Escape. Rather than having to spend hours online comparing endless destinations, hotels and wedding packages, we will narrow the search down to only those options that will truly bring your personal vision to life.

Once a destination and property is selected, we will assist with getting your event reserved and deposited. We assist with setting up a wedding website, finalizing Save-The-Dates and invites, and negotiating group rates to ensure you and your guests receive the best pricing available.

We help all guests with their travel arrangements and submit the group rooming list to the hotel so you don’t have to! We are there to provide constant support as your group travels and upon your return, we ensure you received all of the eligible benefits based on the scope of your event (free air seats, complimentary rooms, vacation rebates, and more).  



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